CINEMA: What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

Endora is a sleazy town, where nothing ever happens. There live Gilbert (Jhonny Depp), his mother and three brothers. This is a family something special. The father hung himself years ago in the basement of his house. With this, the life stopped have meaning for his wife, who fattened to weight 230 kilos. There are two daughters, whose characters are outlined slightly. And Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio), mental deficient about to turn 18 years old, who he can die at any moment. The home is deranged and the discussions are continual. The mother ask, " Can not they behave like a family?. That is, above all, the film. In a maturation process that will give in its components and will facilitate the family unit. As elements of cohesion play an important role two characters: Arnie, a dearly loved sick despite his unpredictable behavior, and Becky (Juliette Lewis), a young woman traveling in a motorcade with his grandmother, and who a damage compel to make a stopping in Endora.

Jhonny Depp / Gilbert Grape
Leonardo DiCaprio / Arnie Grape
Juliette Lewis / Beckie
*This film is very emotional, and i like so much... *

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