Pigeons messenger more fast that networks data?

Formerly, the messenger pigeons were bread of each day. Now, they have been relegated of the scene because of the current systems of transference of voice and data. However in South Africa have tried to reuse these winged messengers, because in his experiment is more fast than using data networks.
In the case in consideration, we used a pigeon named Winston, specially trained for 11 months to fly 80km with a flash memory with 4GB of encrypted data attached to one leg, while on the other hleg we used the unstable and slow networks Telekom data (one of the leading Internet operators in the country).
The result is simply striking, while Winston took only 68 minutes to fly from the office of origin to destination, the file download using the network of Telekom took 2 hours, 6 minutes and 57 seconds.
With this result in hand, Kevin Rolfe, one of the leaders of Unlimited Group has ordered that the communication of large volumes of data between the offices in Durban and Pietermaritzburg are realized using messenger pigeons. Not as a protest by the poor results in data transfer over the Internet, but the finding solutions more fast and more reliable in a country where broadband don't yet have increase and stability of the lines is simply mediocre.

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