BOOK: A desesperate Cry

Spanish: Un Grito Desesperado
Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez
Novel of overcoming for parents and children

It is a didactic novel about the anguish of Saúl, a teenager who have very strong problems, to such an extent of having caused an abortion to the principal's wife when hit her womb. After of 5 years the story is told by the brother that he have 18 years old, Gerardo. In the end

It is these novels with a great sense of priorities in life and showing a very common problem in our society. such topics as lack of communication in the family and the consequences it can bring this, as the home gradually disintegrates.

Although the books of self-help don't like so much, the story called my attention, and because of this is one the books that i like more.

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